15 Best Tips For A Good Night’s Sleep!

Hey everyone. Welcome once again to heal thy self. Are you troubled by a disturbed sleep? Do you feel you are unable to get a good night’s sleep? Are you waking up grumpy, exhausted and irritable in the mornings? Not to mention the headaches immediately after waking up? Then you must be getting an insufficient or a restless sleep in the night. Do you wish to end this now? Read on to know the 15 best tips to get a good night’s sleep.

Sleepless nights have become a common occurrence these days. The reasons vary greatly. Be it the nature of your job, health problems, stress, depression, anxiety or any other mental and physical issue. The sleepless nights that you endure leave you the next morning with a feeling of irritability, exhaustion and confusion. Here are some great tips to get a good night’s sleep hereafter

1.Keeping a track helps

Keep notes of your everyday wake up and bed-time. Also, jot down what might be the reason for your irregular and disturbed sleep for each day. Make a note of times when you take naps, exercise and drink caffeinated beverages. Maintaining a sleep log like this can help identify the behavior or activities that might be the reason for your sleepless nights

2.Rev up

Exercising late in the afternoon may help you fall asleep. However, avoid exercising within 2-3 hours of bedtime, as it might cause further sleeping problems

3.Daytime nap

Do not indulge in a long daytime nap. It may mess with your ability to fall asleep at night

4.Eat it right

Eating a heavy meal nearing bedtime can cause trouble with digestion and may hamper your sleep. Eat at regular intervals during the day and have a light meal before bedtime

5.No-coffee, please!

After you are done with your lunch, try to avoid coffee or other caffeinated drinks. Caffeine interferes with your ability to fall asleep.

6.No-smoking too!

Try to quit smoking. It can cause all possible health hazards that you can think of. Unable to quit smoking? Limit it beyond evening and don’t smoke before bedtime altogether.

7.TV and cell phones??

Well, avoid all mental stimulation when you are nearing bedtime. It includes watching TV or working on your cell phone or even laptops.

8.Create a sleep schedule

Waking and going to sleep around the same time each day can kind of set up your inner clock. Create a routine for each day and follow it to make your body identify its own clock

9.Creating a bedtime ritual

Taking a warm, relaxing bath, a few minutes of reading before bed, listening to soothing music, meditation etc. ca help you unwind completely and fall asleep better. Try out these and see which one works the best for you

10.Keep it hushed…

Keeping your room dark and quiet can help in falling asleep better. Mask the outside noise with some inside noise or white noise like a humming of a fan or a soothing music on tape

11.Its meant for sleeping..

Your bedroom is meant for sleeping. Don’t use it for other activities like watching tv or working

12.Clothing matters too

Wear bedtime clothing that is breathable, loose and comfortable. Anything too tight or clingy or non-breathable can make you too uncomfortable to sleep

13.Don’t worry your pretty head at bedtime

If worries or problems is what is keeping you awake at nights, make place for them at some other time during the day. You can devote half an hour after dinner to write down your worries or problems and their possible solutions on a paper and deal with them during sensible hours. Worrying before bedtime wont solve a thing and will only give you sleepless nights, which, in itself can become a worry later.

14.Get up, you gotta go!

If you feel you are unable to sleep even after trying for 15 minutes, give it a break. Get up and go to another room, read a book, listen to music, until you feel sleepy again. Staying put in the bed and fretting about being unable to sleep will only worsen your troubles

15.A sleep promoter won’t harm

Milk and honey is considered to be a great sleep promoter since ancient times. Have some warm milk with a dash of honey before bedtime. Following this regularly will improve your sleep. Just a thing to remember, never mix honey with something too hot. It destroys I’s beneficial properties and may even cause harm. Make sure the milk is lukewarm or warm.

I am sure these tips will help you improve your sleeping habits and make you fall asleep like a baby! A good night’s sleep is extremely essential when it comes to your overall health and well-being. If you are facing trouble while falling asleep, don’t ignore it for too long. Stop it right in its tracks and wake up to a refreshed morning!

I will see you soon with yet another interesting topic.

If you want me to write on a specific topic, suggestions are all welcome. Until then, bbye, take care! Here is Dr Apoorva, signing out for today…