Heal-thy Self

Hey friends…..glad you found your way to this blog. As we all know, a very busy life these days makes it almost impossible for all of us to give attention to our overall health. And to make it worse, even though there is loads of information available out there , we hardly get the time to read it all and follow it through even once, let alone make it a routine and implement it in our daily lives.

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You must be asking yourselves, there are any number of blogs already providing with all such info, so what’s really the need for another one? well….I can relate to you, since I have myself been there. But tell you what, to give medical field its due credit, the subject is so vast that it is impossible to put everything in one place and it really helps a lot if we get short yet precise answers to all our queries .

We at healthydailylifeblog, are trying exactly to do that, provide you with short yet precise info on various topics like daily health care, diet, nutrition, yoga , relaxation and rejuvenation therapies and what not.

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So dear friends, what are we waiting for?Let’s go for it. We welcome you to the world of health and harmony. Hope you all found this place interesting and hope to see you guys soon…ba-bye


10 thoughts on “Heal-thy Self

  1. Very useful information.. Thanks Apoorva.. Can u please suggest diet schedule for kids too.. What to eat and what not to eat.. How much junk food is allowed per month etc


  2. All articles are Good. Ayurrveda is todays need.
    In spite of busy schedule you have spare time for writing useful articles on Ayurveda.. we appreciate your efforts.


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